Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/10

Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/10

September 2010.

Die von den Autoren in den Studien zum Ausdruck gebrachte Meinung gibt nicht notwendigerweise die Meinung der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank oder des Eurosystems wieder.

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    Studien und Analysen

    • Regional Convergence in Europe and the Role of Urban Agglomerations (PDF, 591 kB) Cuaresma, Feldkircher.

    • Measuring Competition in CESEE: Stylized Facts and Determinants across Countries and Sectors (PDF, 690 kB) Feldkircher, Martin, Wörz.

    • Macrofinancial Stability in Croatia in the Wake of the Global Crisis: Risks and Policy Responses (PDF, 722 kB) Gardó.

    • Trade-Enhancing EU Enlargement and the Resurgence of East-East Trade (PDF, 624 kB) Hornok.

    • Selected Abstracts (PDF, 100 kB)

    • Results of the OeNB Workshop ”Macrofinancial Stability in CESEE: Have We Learned All the Lessons?“ (PDF, 175 kB)

    • IMF Regional Economic Outlook for Europe: Fostering Sustainability (PDF, 295 kB)

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