Focus on European Economic Integration Q1/13

Focus on European Economic Integration Q1/13

März 2013.

Die von den Autoren in den Studien zum Ausdruck gebrachte Meinung gibt nicht notwendigerweise die Meinung der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank oder des Eurosystems wieder.

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    Studien und Analysen

    • Call for Entries (PDF, 874 kB)

    • Call for Applications (PDF, 317 kB)

    • How Important Is Total Factor Productivity for Growth in Central, Eastern and Southeastern European Countries? (PDF, 1,2 MB) Benkovskis, Fadejeva, Wörz.

    • Nonperforming Loans in Western Europe – A Selective Comparison of Countries and National Definitions (PDF, 1,4 MB) Barisitz.

    • Understanding Central Banks’ Role in Enlargement – Governance Issues (PDF, 1,2 MB) Lindner, Mihailovici.

    • The Dynamics of Deposit Euroization in European Post-Transition Countries: Evidence from Threshold VAR (PDF, 1,5 MB) Tkalec.

    • CESEE-Related Abstracts from Other OeNB Publications (PDF, 711 kB)

    • Conference on European Economic Integration 2012: Achieving Balanced Growth in the CESEE Countries (PDF, 666 kB)

    • Olga Radzyner Award Winners 2012 (PDF, 903 kB)

    • EBRD Transition Report 2012: Integration across Borders (PDF, 957 kB)

    • 72nd East Jour Fixe: External Imbalances and Adjustment to the Crisis in CESEE (PDF, 444 kB)

    • Notes (PDF, 375 kB)

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