FUNNY MONEY. Money in caricature

A special exhibition of the Money Museum August 11, 2020 – July 2, 2021

A caricatur about funny money
Funny Money, © Michael Hüter

Money, currency and the economy are undeniably part of our lives, affecting every one of us one way or the other. So naturally, money matters have always provided endless inspiration for caricaturists and cartoonists alike. Hardly any other art form adopts more perspectives and vantage points from which to explore the many aspects of life than caricature and cartoons.

The exhibition Funny Money at the OeNB’s Money Museum shows 53 caricatures and cartoons revolving around the theme of money from the pen of Austrian and international artists. Their satirical, critical and humorous approaches provide food for thought and contemplation while treating visitors to a good laugh as well.

And this is exactly what the exhibition aims to achieve: to offer new and entertaining views on money and economic history.



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