Environmental policy of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)

For many years, the OeNB has been one of the pioneers among Austrian companies in the field of environmental protection, and we seek to keep improving our environmental performance. Apart from meeting the environmental standards required by law, we comply with the principles of the EMAS Regulation.

  • Responsible resource consumption
    We endeavor to minimize negative impacts on the environment by preventing unnecessary energy and resource use while observing business management principles. It is our ambition to avoid unnecessary resource and energy consumption.
  • Green procurement
    We observe ecological criteria for purchases of products and services, especially in tenders. Moreover, the OeNB ensures that selected products are made of environmentally sustainable materials and that their life cycle is environmentally sustainable.
  • Promotion of staff eco-consciousness
    We promote environmental thinking and action throughout the OeNB by informing staff and raising environmental awareness.
  • Research and development
    We implement environmental protection schemes in cooperation with the civil society. In addition, we provide impulses beyond the scope of the OeNB and work towards a livable environment, e.g. by undertaking research projects in the field.
  • Information policy
    We pursue an open, responsible policy in providing the public with information.
  • Climate protection
    We acknowledge the risks involved in climate change as a key challenge of our times. Therefore we strive to make the OeNB’s activities fully carbon neutral and implement our own projects with the goal of climate neutrality in 2040. Minimizing the greenhouse gases caused by the OeNB takes precedence over compensation.