Cash counter services at the OeNB

Exchange of Austrian schillings at the counter

  • Exchange of banknotes of the last schilling series. You can also apply for reimbursement for damaged schilling banknotes in your possession.
  • Exchange of silver schilling coins. The OeNB exchanges silver schilling coins at their face value, regardless of the current silver price. For a valuation of silver coins, please contact a professional coin dealer.
  • Exchange of schilling circulation coins (without precious metal content, all coins from 1 groschen to 50 schilling). Please use the self-service counting machine and cash your receipt at the cash counter.
  • Damaged schilling coins can only be exchanged at Münze Österreich AG.
  • The exchange of Austrian schillings at OeNB cash counters is free of charge. Austrian schilling banknotes and coins are exchanged at face value and at the fixed conversion rate of EUR 1 = ATS 13.7603. Please note that you will be required to present proof of identity if you wish to exchange sums of ATS 200,000 or more.

Exchange of euro banknotes and coins at the counter

  • Reimbursement for damaged euro banknotes. More information on how to apply for a reimbursement for damaged banknotes can be found here.
  • Counterfeit euro banknotes. You can submit counterfeit or suspected counterfeit euro banknotes for inspection at the counter.
  • Exchange of euro banknotes for euro. High denomination banknotes can be exchanged for smaller bills or coins.
  • Exchange of euro coins for euro banknotes. Euro coins can be exchanged for banknotes. Please use the self-service counting machine and cash your receipt at the cash counter. Please note that a fee of 1% of the exchanged sum is charged if the sum amounts to EUR 15 or more.
  • For any cash counter services that involve sums of EUR 15,000 or more you will be required to present proof of identity.

Services not available at the counter

  • Purchase/sale of foreign currency. The OeNB does not engage in commercial trade with foreign currency banknotes or coins.
  • Purchase/sale of gold coins. The OeNB neither purchases nor sells gold coins. If you wish to buy gold coins, this is possible at Münze Österreich AG.
  • Purchase/sale of silver coins. Apart from exchanging silver schilling coins for euro, the OeNB does not purchase or sell any silver coins (e.g. Vienna Philharmonic silver coin or Maria Theresa Taler).