Executive Director Peter Mooslechner

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  • Innovation and Green Finance: A Joint Schumpeterian Perspective November 10, 2016, Qingdao, China, BIT’s 3rd Annual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy

  • EU Capital Markets Union Initiative: Why useful and what to expect March 14, 2016, Brussels

  • The European Economy in 2015: Prospects and Policy Challenges against a Global Background September 15, 2014, Berlin, 90th International Business Cycle Conference

  • From Bretton Woods to Monetary Union: Monetary Policy in European Perspective March 21, 2014, Vienna, University of Economics and Business, Department of Economic and Social History Workshop „Monetary Policy after Bretton Woods“

  • Current Challenges in the Eurozone: Implications for Southeast and Eastern Europe – Quo Vadis? December 13, 2013, Vienna, EFSE Advisory Group Meeting

  • If Fiscal Union is Possible (?), Why Not Economic…? October 18, 2013, Warsaw, Presentation held at the Narodowy Bank Polski Conference on The Future of the European Economy