Stephan Barisitz

Research interests

  • banking and financial markets
  • monetary policy
  • Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries: macrostructural monitoring and analysis
  • economic history

Selected publications

Barisitz, S. (2013). Nonperforming Loans in CESEE – An Even Deeper Definitional Comparison. Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/13, OeNB.

Barisitz, S. (2013). The Kazakhstani Banking System: Highly Leveraged Boom, Painful Bust, Costly Recovery. In: Amrebaev, Heinrich, Lobova, Tuleshov (eds.): Modern Kazakhstan – Image and Realities. Peter Lang, Frankfurt/Main.

Barisitz, S. U. Gunter, and M. Lahnsteiner (2012). Ukrainian Banks Face Heightened Uncertainty and Challenges. Financial Stability Report 23, OeNB, 50–57.

Barisitz, S., H. Holzhacker, O. Lytvyn and L. Sabyrova. (2010). Crisis-Response Policies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus: Stock-Taking and Comparative Assessment. Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/10, OeNB. 48–77.

Barisitz, S. (2009). Macrofinancial Development and Systemic Change in CIS Central Asia. Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/09, OeNB, 38–61.

Barisitz, S. (2008). Banking in Central and Eastern Europe 1980-2006 – A Comprehensive Analysis of Banking Sector Transformation. Routledge (Taylor & Francis), London, New York. (Habilitation thesis at Vienna University for Business and Economics (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien), defended in May 2008).

Barisitz, S. (2008). Paths of Monetary Transition and Modernization: Exchange Rate Regimes and Monetary Policy in South-Eastern Europe and Turkey From the Early 1990s to 2006. In: Mooslechner (ed.): The Experience of Exchange Rate Regimes in South-Eastern Europe in a Historical and Comparative Perspective. Edward Elgar. Cheltenham.

Barisitz, S. (2007). Le système bancaire russe depuis 1990 – Une modernisation contradictoire et mouvementée. Le courrier des pays de l’Est. No. 1064. Septembre-octobre. 42–55.

Barisitz, S. (2007). Banking in Belarus – On its Own Trajectory? Financial Stability Report No. 14, OeNB, 85–103.

Barisitz, S. (2001). Ukraine: Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung, Strukturwandel und Reformen seit der Unabhaengigkeit. Oesterreichische Osthefte, Sonderband 15: Ukraine. Peter Lang Verlag. Frankfurt/ Main. 751–782.