Thomas Scheiber


Research interests

  • euroization/dollarization
  • trust
  • monetary economics
  • inflation
  • reconstruction of historic monetary and fiscal time series

Selected publications

Scheiber, T. and C. Stern. (2016). Currency substitution in CESEE: why do households prefer euro payments? Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/16. 73–98.

Scheiber, T., Silgoner, M. and C. Stern. (2016). The development of bank profitability in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland during a period of ultra-low and negative interest rates. Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/16. 26–46.

Jobst, C. and T. Scheiber. (2014). Austria-Hungary: from 1863 to 1914, In: South-Eastern European Monetary and Economic Statistics from the Nineteenth Century to World War II, published by: Bank of Greece, Bulgarian National Bank, National Bank of Romania, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, 2014, Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna.

Beckmann, E. and T. Scheiber. (2012). The Impact of Memories of High Inflation on Households’ Trust in Currencies. Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/12, 80–93.

Scheiber, T. and H. Stix. (2009). Euroization in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe – New Evidence on Its Extent and Some Evidence on Its Causes, OeNB Working Paper 159.