Andreas Breitenfellner

Research interests

  • Climate Economics and Green Finance
  • Economic and Monetary Union
  • Macroeconomics and Structural Policies
  • Energy Prices and Inflation

Selected publications

Breitenfellner, A., Lahnsteiner, M. Reininger, T. and Schriefl, J. (2021). Green Transition: What Have CESEE EU Member States Achieved so far? Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/21, OeNB, forthcoming.

Breitenfellner, A. and Pointner, W. (2021). The Impact of Climate Change on Monetary Policy. Monetary Policy and the Economy Q3/21, OeNB, 59-80.

Breitenfellner, A., Hasenhüttl S., Lehmann G. and Tschulik A. (2020). Green Finance – Opportunities for the Austrian Financial Sector. Financial Stability Report 40, OeNB, 45-61.

Breitenfellner A., Pointner W., Schuberth H. (2019). The potential contribution of central banks to green finance. DIW Berlin, Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung / Quarterly Journal of Economic Research, forthcoming.

Bayer, K., Breitenfellner, A. (2018). The appropriate role of structural reforms in E(M)U Deepening. Focus on European Economic Integration, 2018, issue Q3-18, 102-112.

Breitenfellner, A., Schuberth, H. (2017). Potential und Risiken der Kapitalmarktunion für die Wirtschaft Europas und Österreichs. FIW Policy Briefs 35, 10 Juli.

Barisitz, S., Breitenfellner A. (2017). How do Resource-driven Economies Cope with the Oil Price Slump? A Comparative Survey of Ten Major Oil-exporting Countries. Focus on European Economic Integration Q1/17, OeNB, 33–53.

Beer, C., Belabed, C.A., Breitenfellner, A., Ragacs, C., Weber, B. (2017). Österreich und die europäische Integration. Monetary Policy & the Economy Q1/17, OeNB, 86–125.

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Breitenfellner, A., Dragu A.D., Pontuch, P. (2013). Labour Costs Pass-through, Profits and Rebalancing in Vulnerable Member States. Quarterly Report on the Euro Area 12(3), 19.

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Breitenfellner, A., Crespo Cuaresma, J. (2008). Crude Oil Prices and the USD/EUR Exchange Rate. Monetary Policy & the Economy Q4/08, OeNB, 102–121.