Mariya Hake

currently on leave
mariya hake

Research interests

  • Economics of transition
  • EU economic and institutional convergence
  • Development economics
  • Fiscal and structural policies
  • Euroization (dollarization) in CESEE

Selected publications

2015 Economic Reform Programmes (Part I) of Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries. The Commission’s Assessment. European Commission. Occasional Papers. 229, June 2015.

Progress Towards Meeting the Economic Criteria for EU Accession: the EU Commission’s 2014 Assessments. European Commission. Occasional Papers. 205. December 2014.

Hake, M., Lopez, F., Molina, L. (2014). Do Drivers of Loan Dollarization Differ in CESEE and Latin America?: A Meta-Analysis. Banco de España. Working Paper No.1406.

Ritzberger-Grünwald, D., Hake, M. (2014). Economic and Financial Issues in the Southeastern European Countries in the Two Decades in Transition, in South-East Europe in Evolution (Ed. Hardy Hanappi), Rothledge.

Crespo-Cuaresma, J., Fidrmuc, J., Hake, M. (2014). Demand and Supply Drivers of Foreign Currency Loans in CEECs: A Meta-Analysis. Economic Systems 38(1). 26-42.

Fidrmuc, J., Hake, M., Stix, H. (2013). Foreign Currency Borrowings of Households in Central and Eastern Europe. Journal of Banking and Finance 37(6). 1880-1897.

Beckmann, E., Hake, M., Urvova, J. (2013). Determinants of Households’ Savings in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/13, OeNB, 8-29.

Hake, M. (2012). Banking Sector Concentration and Firm Indebtedness in Central and Eastern Europe, OeNB Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/12. 41-63.