Melanie Koch

melanie koch

Research interests

  • Household Finance
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Emerging Markets

Selected publications

Koch, M. and T. Scheiber. 2022. Household savings in CESEE: expectations, experiences and common predictors. Focus on European Economic Integration, Q1/22.

Grohmann, A., Koch, M. 2022. The Effect of Social Comparison on Debt Taking: Experimental Evidence. DIW Discussion Paper No. 1996.

Koch, M., Menkhoff, L. and Schmidt, U. 2021. Coupled lotteries-A new method to analyze inequality aversion. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 191, 236-256.

Hübler, O., Koch, M., Menkhoff, L., Schmidt, U. (2021). Corruption and Cheating: Evidence from Rural Thailand. World Development, 145. 105526.

Brock, J. M., Koch, M. 2021. Entrepreneurial Motive, Ambiguity Attitudes and the Effect of Good News. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16559.

Klühs, T., Koch, M., Stein, W. (2019). Don’t Expect Too Much - High Income Expectations and Over-Indebtedness. CRC TRR 190 Discussion Paper No. 200.