Basic information

The OeNB has been participating successfully in the new payment system infrastructure TARGET2 ever since it went live on November 19, 2007.

Some 50 commercial banks from the Austrian banking community participate directly in the SSP (single shared platform). Some of these participants enable other banks to participate in the SSP indirectly.

The SSP went live in four migration groups (country windows), with the 20 participating central banks (of Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Poland) as well as the ECB joining in waves. In addition, Slovakia migrated to the SSP in January 2009, Bulgaria in February 2010, and Romania in July 2011. All in all, the central banks of 23 countries plus the ECB participate in TARGET2.

Of the original countries participating in TARGET, only Sweden and the United Kingdom have not migrated to TARGET2. Most banks in these countries are reachable through other participating countries; moreover, routing details may be looked up in the TARGET2 directory.

You may find basic information on the publicly accessible ECB TARGET2 web pages.

National Migration Profiles (NMPs) and Ancillary System Profiles (ASPs)

The NMPs contain information about every central bank participating in the SSP: contact persons, migration groups and use of the SSP modules. The ASPs contain detailed information about the ancillary systems.

Check the ECB’s website at TARGET2 participating countries for the latest updates of the national migration profiles and the ancillary system profiles.

New participants

You may access all information available and an information guide for banks that wish to connect to TARGET2 on the ECB’s website at Information guide for TARGET2 users.


The Functional Specifications, the General Functional Specifications (GFS), the User Detailed Functional Specifications (UDFS) and the ICM User Handbook describe the functions and framework for TARGET2 – SSP.

You may access the latest updates of the respective documents on the ECB’s website at TARGET2 for professional use.
Future versions of the documents will be released under ECB: Future SSP releases and developments.