Monetary Policy and the Economy Q2/05

Monetary Policy and the Economy Q2/05

June 2005.

Opinions expressed by the authors of studies do not necessarily reflect the official viewpoint of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank or of the Eurosystem.

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    Studies and Analyses

    • Editorial (PDF, 121 kB)

    • Temporary Slowdown of Economic Activity in Austria Expected to Be Overcome Fast, but Downside Risks Increased — Economic Outlook for Austria from 2005 to 2007 (June 2005) (PDF, 345 kB) Fenz, Scharler.

    • 10 Years of Austrian EU Membership: Elements of an Overall Economic Assessment (PDF, 307 kB) Mooslechner.

    • 10 Years of EU Membership: The OeNB in a Changing Environment (PDF, 240 kB) Dvorsky, Lindner.

    • EU and EMU Entry: A Monetary Policy Regime Change for Austria? (PDF, 363 kB) Gnan, Kwapil, Valderrama.

    • Price Developments in Austria after EU Accession and in Monetary Union (PDF, 380 kB) Fluch, Rumler.

    • In & Out – A Country Comparison Reflecting on the Enlargement Round of 1995 (PDF, 305 kB) Pointner.

    • The Impact of EU Accession on Austria's Budget Policy (PDF, 281 kB) Katterl, Köhler-Töglhofer.

    • The Impact of EU Accession on Austria's Financial Structure (PDF, 304 kB) Waschiczek.

    • The Internationalization of Austria's Financial Sector since Accession to the European Union (PDF, 356 kB) Fuchs.

    • Financial Market Integration and Financial Stability (PDF, 274 kB) Pauer.

    • Has Accession to the EU and Monetary Union Changed Austria's Labor Market? State of Play and Need for Action (PDF, 329 kB) Stiglbauer.

    • Austria's EU Accession and Trade (PDF, 344 kB) Fidrmuc.

    • Sectoral Regulation in Austria before and after EU Accession — The Network Industries as a Case in Point (PDF, 353 kB) Janger.

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