Monetary Policy and the Economy Q4/05

Monetary Policy and the Economy Q4/05

December 2005.

Opinions expressed by the authors of studies do not necessarily reflect the official viewpoint of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank or of the Eurosystem.

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    Studies and Analyses

    • High Price Competitiveness of Austrian Exporters and Recovery of Private Consumption Support Economic Activity-Economic Outlook for Austria from 2005 to 2007 (December 2005) (PDF, 408 kB) Fenz, Schneider.

    • The Natural Rate of Interest — Concepts and Appraisal for the Euro Area (PDF, 413 kB) Gnan, Ritzberger-Grünwald.

    • Price Setting in Austria — Results from the Eurosystem Inflation Persistence Network (PDF, 319 kB) Kwapil, Rumler.

    • A Disaggregated Approach to Analyzing Public Finances in Austria (PDF, 373 kB) Grossmann, Prammer.

    • The European Integration Process — A Changing Environment for National Central Banks (PDF, 186 kB) Schmidt.

    • Fiscal Spending Rules in Europe (PDF, 200 kB) Grossmann, Hauth, Pop.

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