Labor market indicators

Publication schedule


This table shows labor market indicators for Austria as compiled by the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (payroll employment) and by the Austrian Public Employment Service (vacancies, unemployment and unemployment rate, the latter being defined as the number of unemployed as a percentage of the labor force). Labor market data, which are available in industry and regional breakdowns, are collected at monthly intervals and published by the reporting institutions a few days after the end of the reporting month, i.e. with a very high degree of timeliness. Moreover, the indicators presented in the table are based on very long time series and subject to very little revision.


Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions, Austrian Public Employment Service, Eurostat.

Reporting institutions:

Data on payroll employment are reported by the individual health insurance providers to the Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions. Data on unemployment and vacancies are reported by local labor offices to the Austrian Public Employment Service.