CCR-reportable loans – leasing companies

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This table provides information on loans subject to the CCR regulation, broken down in line with the industrial classification of economic activities ÖNACE 2008 for borrowers and reporting banking sectors. The CCR regulation requires banks to report all loan liabilities exceeding EUR 350,000. The CCR serves as a one-stop shop for financial institutions to query the (actual or potential) aggregate amount outstanding from single borrowers, as reported by credit and financial institutions as well as insurance companies.



Definitions and terms:

Loans subject to the CCR regulation.

Legal basis:

Banking Act; Reporting Guidelines for the Regulation Governing Reporting to the Central Credit Register, OeNB; Supervisory Statistics, Models and Credit Quality Assessment Division.


Monthly, electronic data exchange.

Reporting institutions:

Financial intermediaries.

Standards and codes:

Austrian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, ÖNACE, OENACE, banking sector.


Loans subject to the CCR regulation, CCR, Central Credit Register, sectors, industries, OENACE, ÖNACE, NACE, banking sectors, corporate loans, loans to nonfinancial corporations.