Annual growth rates for the euro area national aggregated balance sheet of MFIs (excluding the Eurosystem)

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This table shows data for individual euro area countries and the ECB, as well as the corresponding euro area aggregates. The table provides the main balance sheet data of the MFI sector on both the asset and liability sides. The asset side shows loans broken down by borrower category and purpose, and securities by maturity; the liability side shows deposits and debt securities broken down by maturity.



Definitions and terms:

Monetary financial institution, MFI, non-MFI, loans, balance sheet, euro area, deposits, cutting-off-the-tail principle.

Legal basis:

Treaty on European Union, regulations of the Council of the European Union, ECB regulations, ECB guideline, relevant EU directives.


Collected monthly according to the cutting-off-the-tail principle.

Reporting institutions:

Euro area NCBs and the ECB (Eurosystem).

Standards and codes:

ISO country and currency codes.


Euro area balance sheet data, balance sheet, borrower category, ECB, money and banking statistics.