Smart cube reporting

The “smart cube” data reporting model serves to link up data points on individual transactions and corresponding data attributes to create a multidimensional data matrix. The idea is to enable banks to create any report they are required to submit (under the Austrian Banking Act, the Foreign Exchange Act, ECB regulations, EBA Implementing Technical Standards, etc.), and to populate data templates as required, by using this data Matrix.

The documentation (available in German) has been drawn up by banks and the OeNB on a best efforts basis but is not legally binding. For ease of reference, we provide not only the current version, but also a version highlighting the changes made against the previous version. The charts and templates including transformation rules for the reports integrated in the data model are downloadable as a zip file. Furthermore checks for valid combinations of “smart cube” dimensions are available.

The data model documentation is also available in a German-language reporting wiki (Meldewesen Wiki). To gain access to this wiki or if you wish to learn more, please contact the SCom Team.