title Trade in Goods in accordance with External Trade Statistics
region Austria
unit Euro
unit mult (smallest available) Million
comment The External Trade Statistic displays the cross-border trade of goods with a foreign country. The essential cirterion for registration as an object of the External Trade Statistics is the principle of physical border crossing. The statistical value of imports and exports according to the External Trade Statistics refers to the value of the godds at the time the phisical border crossing to Austria (CIF value) including freight and other costs that occur with the shipping between the country of origin and the country of dispatch.
classification Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6)
frequency quarterly
data available from 2006 - 2020 (The indicated data availability refers to the longest available time series irrespective of its duration.)
last update 2021-03-31 09:22:32
Source OeNB, Statistics Austria
lag 3 month
release calendar ...
at the latest 30.09.2021