title Goods for processing in the reporting economy
region Austria
unit Euro
unit mult (smallest available) Million
comment Goods for processing in the reporting economy are measured as foreign goods are brought to the reporting economy for processing and brought back to the foreign country after. According to BPM5, manufacturing was classified as transactions in goods and compiled as in- and outflows of the resepective goods (gross concept along the lines of Foreign Trade Statistics). According to BPM6, manufacturing on inputs owned by others is classified as a service and valued at the respective service charge. Credits refer to Austria´s exports and debits to Austria´s imports. Balance with a + sign: surplus/Austria´s exports exceed its imports. Balance with a - sign: deficit/Austria´s imports exceed its exports.
classification Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6)
frequency quarterly
data available from 2006 - 2020 (The indicated data availability refers to the longest available time series irrespective of its duration.)
last update 2021-03-31 09:22:34
Source OeNB, Statistics Austria
lag 3 month
release calendar ...
at the latest 30.09.2021