title Consumer Price, total, USA
region United States
unit Percent
unit mult (smallest available) 1
comment The CPI (total, 1982-9184=100) represents changes in prices of all goods and services purchased for Consumption by urban households. User fees (such as water and sewer service) and sales and excise taxes paid by the Consumer are also included. Income taxes and investment items (like stocks, bonds, and life insurance) are not included. Prices for the goods and services used to calculate the CPI are collected in 87 urban areas throughout the country and from about 23,000 retail and service establishments.
classification COICOP
frequency month
data available from Jan. 92 - June 21
1991 - 2022 (The indicated data availability refers to the longest available time series irrespective of its duration.)
last update 2021-07-16 13:39:01
Source BLS
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