title Outward DI excl. SPEs and real estate (stocks)
region Austria
unit Euro
unit mult (smallest available) Million
comment End-of-period value of outward direct investment (ODI) - excluding SPEs and real estate. ODI consist of equity and Intra-company loans.
Outward direct investment measures cross-border investment by Austrian investors in enterprises abroad with a minimum of 10% share in voting capital. Losses may cause negative equity and reverse intra-group loans may result in negative values of FDI.
classification Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6)
frequency years
data available from 1974 - 2021 (The indicated data availability refers to the longest available time series irrespective of its duration.)
last update 2022-09-30 09:23:49
Source OeNB
lag 18 month
release calendar ...
at the latest 31.03.2023