title HICP15 - EU harmonised index of consumer prices, 2015=100
region Austria
unit Index
unit mult (smallest available) 1
comment Starting 1997 the HICP was introduced throughout the EU. The indices are designed to facilitate the comparison of consumer price trends internationally, as the methods and standards were harmonized accordingly. The HICP basket of commodities is adjusted continuously and yearly reweighted continuously and subject to ongoing methodological improvements. The disaggregates are divided into 12 commodity groups in line with the COICOP (Classification Of Individual Consumption by Purpose).
classification COICOP
frequency month
data available from Jan. 87 - July 22
1987 - 2021 (The indicated data availability refers to the longest available time series irrespective of its duration.)
last update 2022-08-18 11:35:46
Source Statistics Austria, Eurostat
lag 1 month
release calendar
as available