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I. Official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets (market value)
 Mar. 20Apr. 20Mar. 20Apr. 20Mar. 20Apr. 20
  EUR million
A. Official reserve assets23,64224,399xx23,64224,399
(1) Foreign currency reserves (in convertible foreign currencies)7,4017,110xx7,4017,110
(a) Securities6,9066,591xx6,9066,591
(b) total currency and deposits with:495519xx495519
  (i) other national central banks, BIS and IMF494519xx494519
  (ii) banks headquartered in the euro area and located abroad00xx00
  (iii) banks headquartered and located outside the euro area00xx00
(2) IMF reserve position895993xx895993
(3) SDRs2,1022,119xx2,1022,119
(4) gold (including gold deposits and gold swapped)13,20714,181xx13,20714,181
  - volume in millions of fine troy ounces9.0029.002xx9.0029.002
(5) other reserve assets38−4xx38−4
  - financial derivatives38−4xx38−4
  - loans to nonbank nonresidents00xx00
  - other00xx00
B. Other foreign currency assets4,6155,712004,6155,712
  - securities not included in official reserve assets1,1281,055xx1,1281,055
  - deposits not included in official reserve assets3,4784,680xx3,4784,680
  - loans not included in official reserve assetsxxxxxx
  - financial derivatives not included in official reserve assets10−240010−24
  - gold not included in official reserve assetsxxxxxx
  - other000000

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