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Contributions to year-on-year volume growth of GDP and expenditure components1
This table shows the volume growth of GDP and the main expenditure components for the euro area and the euro area countries. Additionally, it shows the individual contributions of euro area countries to euro area GDP growth.
 Euro area2BelgiumGermanyEstoniaIrelandGreeceSpainFranceItalyCyprusLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaNetherlandsAustriaPortugalSloveniaSlovak
 Q3 19 
  contributions to annual percentage changes of GDP in percentage points
1. GDP1.1xxxxx2.01.3xxxxxxx1.5xxxx
  1.1. Contributions to euro area aggregatexxxxxx0.20.3xxx0.0xxx0.0xxxx
2. Expenditure components3                    
  2.1. Private final consumptionxxxxxx0.90.7xxxxxxx0.7xxxx
  2.2. Government final consumptionxxxxxx0.50.3xxxxxxx0.1xxxx
  2.3. Gross fixed capital formationxxxxxx0.40.8xxxxxxx0.8xxxx
  2.4. Changes in inventories4xxxxxx0.1−0.1xxxxxxx0.4xxxx
  2.4. Exports5xxxxxx0.80.7xxxxxxx1.6xxxx
  2.5. Imports5xxxxxx−0.7−1.1xxxxxxx−2.1xxxx

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