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Harmonised indices of consumer prices – inflation, breakdown by type of product (mainly used by the ECB)1
 Euro area2BelgiumGermanyEstoniaIrelandGreeceSpainFranceItalyCyprusLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaNetherlandsAustriaPortugalSloveniaSlovak
 Sep. 19 
  annual percentage changes
1. Overall index0.−−
1.1. Goods0.3−−1.5−1.0−0.90.8−0.3−−
1.1.1. Processed food incl.
alcohol and tobacco−−
1.1.2. Unprocessed food0.7−−0.3−−−−1.2−−4.1
1.1.3. Industrial goods excluding energy0.−2.8−0.20.5−0.5−0.2−−−0.8
1.1.4. Energy−1.8−5.3−1.20.0−1.8−0.7−6.50.1−2.9−7.51.7−4.8−−1.0−3.8−
1.2. Services1.
2. Overall index excluding energy and unprocessed food1.

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