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Lending rates1 - new business
 202020212022Aug. 22Sep. 22Oct. 22Nov. 22Dec. 22Jan. 23
  in % per annum
to households3         
for consumption         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year45.225.576.
    over 1 year and up to 5 years4.014.264.885.195.185.335.345.676.04
    over 5 years5.846.357.367.477.698.208.388.609.29
  annual percentage rate of charge57.167.387.777.897.948.318.538.569.21
for house purchases         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.110.971.551.451.752.442.732.913.46
    over 1 year and up to 5 years1.341.292.042.632.452.742.952.743.36
    over 5 and up to 10 years1.541.372.072.252.352.863.173.033.19
    over 10 years1.491.352.072.302.432.763.152.752.96
  annual percentage rate of charge51.731.572.182.272.392.783.133.103.56
for other purposes1.731.612.
    sole proprietors1.831.722.272.272.403.073.303.253.95
to nonfinancial corporations3         
Loans up to and including EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.671.632.041.932.112.803.053.183.66
    over 1 year and up to 5 years1.111.411.971.732.052.543.482.773.38
    over 5 years1.831.722.252.432.362.583.152.742.65
with initial maturity over 1 year1.571.612.051.952.072.703.032.963.44
Loans over EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.301.301.771.582.012.512.913.183.50
    over 1 year and up to 5 years1.551.432.021.992.422.742.782.703.32
    over 5 years1.611.532.092.012.312.732.292.212.64
with initial maturity over 1 year1.531.552.031.922.182.612.893.113.48
to households and
nonfinancial corporations
    loans denominated in U.S dollars2.
    loans denominated in Japanese yen1.441.251.321.491.352.041.061.471.13
    loans denominated in Swiss francs0.970.981.121.130.961.351.411.391.67

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