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Lending rates1 - new business
 201620172018Apr. 19May 19June 19July 19Aug. 19Sep. 19
  in % per annum
to households3         
for consumption         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year45.295.195.375.375.395.505.355.375.31
    over 1 year and up to 5 years4.124.103.993.814.113.954.104.174.11
    over 5 years4.424.364.924.754.844.924.984.814.94
  annual percentage rate of charge57.016.797.297.387.457.527.247.497.40
for house purchases         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.841.741.541.441.451.421.391.331.27
    over 1 year and up to 5 years1.701.641.621.611.551.511.591.521.62
    over 5 and up to 10 years2.302.092.051.971.921.871.901.831.81
    over 10 years2.302.
  annual percentage rate of charge52.372.
for other purposes2.182.011.971.941.951.861.921.891.81
    sole proprietors2.
to nonfinancial corporations3         
Loans up to and including EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.871.721.711.781.871.761.731.811.60
    over 1 year and up to 5 years2.
    over 5 years2.382.
with initial maturity over 1 year2.101.941.921.871.991.841.831.881.70
Loans over EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.491.381.
    over 1 year and up to 5 years2.091.581.611.281.511.541.851.552.58
    over 5 years2.111.981.962.092.051.901.931.721.69
with initial maturity over 1 year1.951.721.641.601.581.591.661.721.63
to households and
nonfinancial corporations
    loans denominated in U.S dollars2.262.442.972.623.252.333.082.562.69
    loans denominated in Japanese yen1.671.271.531.621.911.511.541.311.36
    loans denominated in Swiss francs1.
    loans denominated in Pounds sterling2.491.492.170.70xx4.17x0.00

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