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Lending rates1 - new business
 201820192020Feb. 21Mar. 21Apr. 21May 21June 21July 21
  in % per annum
to households3         
for consumption         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year45.375.345.225.615.565.375.485.655.66
    over 1 year and up to 5 years3.994.
    over 5 years4.924.795.846.506.256.326.356.246.34
  annual percentage rate of charge57.297.357.167.517.307.237.257.427.56
for house purchases         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.541.361.110.940.950.960.990.990.96
    over 1 year and up to 5 years1.621.551.341.251.251.311.311.361.30
    over 5 and up to 10 years2.051.851.541.421.381.381.341.351.32
    over 10 years2.261.941.491.331.351.351.341.351.36
  annual percentage rate of charge52.262.051.731.601.581.561.551.551.57
for other purposes1.971.881.731.511.621.621.561.591.57
    sole proprietors2.132.031.831.641.781.721.731.691.69
to nonfinancial corporations3         
Loans up to and including EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.711.741.671.571.651.621.641.631.64
    over 1 year and up to 5 years2.051.941.
    over 5 years2.232.081.831.751.861.641.671.701.73
with initial maturity over 1 year1.921.821.571.561.641.561.601.611.62
Loans over EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41.281.241.301.251.021.391.421.261.45
    over 1 year and up to 5 years1.611.671.551.711.271.601.701.631.35
    over 5 years1.961.901.611.541.501.621.431.541.55
with initial maturity over 1 year1.641.581.531.471.301.701.661.581.63
to households and
nonfinancial corporations
    loans denominated in U.S dollars2.972.992.
    loans denominated in Japanese yen1.531.501.441.411.
    loans denominated in Swiss francs1.031.040.970.911.110.920.851.071.16
    loans denominated in Pounds sterling2.171.970.72x0.00xx0.57x

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