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Weights on deposit rates1 - new business
 201620172018Apr. 19May 19June 19July 19Aug. 19Sep. 19
  EUR million
new agreements of Deposits12         
of households3         
with agreed maturity3,6623,3232,8542,3362,2501,9452,5332,3232,545
    up to 1 year2,4842,4652,0801,5561,4721,3361,6921,5171,750
    over 1 year and up to 2 years818445371356362259455434422
    over 2 years360413403424416350386373373
of nonfinancial corporations3         
with agreed maturity2,4391,4061,3201,7511,4551,5241,4369441,604
    up to 1 year2,1121,2461,1581,6641,3581,3341,3387901,457

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