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Weights on deposit rates1 - new business
 201820192020Sep. 20Oct. 20Nov. 20Dec. 20Jan. 21Feb. 21
  EUR million
new agreements of Deposits12         
of households3         
with agreed maturity2,8542,6541,7921,2011,3211,2691,5151,085865
    up to 1 year2,0801,8111,3188659738871,093718571
    over 1 year and up to 2 years371415209137128135129127114
    over 2 years403427265198219248292240181
of nonfinancial corporations3         
with agreed maturity1,3201,7572,7902,9312,9142,5311,3261,8091,232
    up to 1 year1,1581,5842,6262,7942,7622,3391,2481,6951,108

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