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Weights on deposit rates1 - new business
 202020212022Aug. 22Sep. 22Oct. 22Nov. 22Dec. 22Jan. 23
  EUR million
new agreements of Deposits12         
of households3         
with agreed maturity1,7927991,0416477701,7492,3352,1983,930
    up to 1 year1,3185366333675099351,3841,3522,093
    over 1 year and up to 2 years2091112051231084795404001,202
    over 2 years265152203157153335412446635
of nonfinancial corporations3         
with agreed maturity2,7902,2173,4942,5734,0865,9535,8705,6995,490
    up to 1 year2,6262,1293,3652,5224,0395,9085,6725,4795,278

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