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Deposit rates1 - new business
 202020212022Aug. 22Sep. 22Oct. 22Nov. 22Dec. 22Jan. 23
  % per annum
of households3         
with agreed maturity         
    up to 1 year0.140.110.520.370.801.231.441.661.90
    of which savings deposits0.100.080.490.360.771.211.351.541.76
    over 1 year and up to 2 years0.250.180.680.500.631.851.841.842.04
    of which savings deposits0.190.150.840.790.942.031.991.822.02
    over 2 years0.450.451.040.981.131.892.022.002.42
    of which savings deposits0.430.491.191.201.331.932.082.132.44
of nonfinancial corporations3         
with agreed maturity         
    up to 1 year−0.12−0.360.360.
    over 1 year and up to 2 years0.19−
    over 2 years0.160.120.851.100.542.462.001.661.97

last update on 06.03.2023 12:15

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