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Deposit rates1 - new business
 201720182019Dec. 19Jan. 20Feb. 20Mar. 20Apr. 20May 20
  % per annum
of households3         
with agreed maturity         
    up to 1 year0.
    of which savings deposits0.
    over 1 year and up to 2 years0.350.340.400.460.330.310.330.250.18
    of which savings deposits0.300.310.370.460.290.290.350.180.14
    over 2 years0.660.630.540.680.430.450.540.470.41
    of which savings deposits0.650.620.510.550.400.440.460.440.36
of nonfinancial corporations3         
with agreed maturity         
    up to 1 year0.100.120.00−0.08−0.14−0.04−0.10−0.01−0.08
    over 1 year and up to 2 years0.
    over 2 years0.820.610.530.

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