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Consolidated regulatory capital requirements and capital pursuant to Part 2 and 3 CRR based upon CBD1
End of periodQ1 19Q2 19Q3 19
  EUR million
Own funds87,874.5789,402.6988,977.19
  Tier 1 capital75,805.5677,818.2577,451.41
    Common equity tier 1 capital72,360.1574,170.8673,927.74
    Additional tier 1 capital3,445.423,647.393,523.67
  Tier 2 capital12,069.0111,584.4411,525.77
Total risk exposure amount471,609.97478,683.44487,517.34
Risk weighted exposure amounts for credit, counterparty credit and dilution risks and free deliveries412,716.30420,633.22428,888.56
Total risk exposure amount for settlement/delivery1.205.67177.65
Total risk exposure amount for position, foreign exchange and commodities risks8,260.868,499.568,648.43
Total risk exposure amount for operational risk43,717.9843,600.3843,802.96
Additional risk exposure amount due to fixed overheads20.000.000.00
Total risk exposure amount for credit valuation adjustment2,017.292,032.282,104.90
Total risk exposure amount related to large exposures in the trading book0.000.000.00
Other risk exposure amounts4,896.353,912.333,894.86
CET1 capital ratio15.3415.4915.16
T1 capital ratio 16.0716.2615.89
Total capital ratio18.6318.6818.25

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