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Instruments subject to credit risk in accordance with GCR1 and FinStab2
All sectors incl. leasing companies
 2020Q3 20Q4 20Q1 21
  EUR million
GCR - Domestic debtors according to Austrian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (ÖNACE 2008)    
A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing2,618.782,543.972,618.782,666.82
B - Mining and quarrying712.47704.32712.47717.52
C - Manufacturing39,320.4838,444.0539,320.4839,504.86
D - Electricity, gas steam and air conditioning supply6,343.656,508.766,343.656,479.65
E - Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation action3,289.713,179.973,289.713,254.71
F - Construction24,842.8524,023.4224,842.8525,359.46
G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles26,611.3926,540.4026,611.3926,979.86
H - Transportation and storage11,550.5711,670.6311,550.5711,875.64
I - Accommodation and food service activities13,628.4813,299.4313,628.4813,979.42
J - Information and communication2,375.882,400.952,375.882,368.46
K - Financial and insurance activities344,614.73321,593.70344,614.73365,516.94
L - Real estate activities91,627.8490,484.9191,627.8493,277.43
M - Professional, scientific and technical activities38,559.0139,203.7938,559.0138,760.84
N - Administrative and support service activities10,842.9711,016.2510,842.9710,877.10
O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security47,208.2346,070.5747,208.2346,739.04
P - Education430.16432.07430.16420.37
Q - Human health and social work acitivies5,241.155,199.125,241.155,364.86
R - Art, entertainment and recreation1,387.351,388.571,387.351,364.79
S - Other service activities3,057.212,936.043,057.212,997.06
T - Activities of households48,190.7546,731.8048,190.7550,161.77
U - Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies4.654.794.654.74
GCR - Other domestic debtors (not classified according to ÖNACE 2008)1,696.961,710.481,696.961,697.06
GCR - Debtors resident in euro area countries excluding Austria144,973.72147,438.28144,973.72152,491.70
GCR - Other nonresident debtors109,776.73114,978.51109,776.73112,266.30
"Delta report (vis-à-vis GCR)" according to FinStab – legal entities31,628.641,520.071,628.641,671.90
"Delta report (vis-à-vis GCR)" according to FinStab – natural persons151,191.83150,614.39151,191.83152,951.11
Total instruments subject to credit risk1,131,726.181,110,639.221,131,726.181,169,749.41

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