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Instruments subject to credit risk in accordance with GCR1 and FinStab2
Joint stock and private banks
 2020Q3 20Q4 20Q1 21
  EUR million
GCR - Domestic debtors according to Austrian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (ÖNACE 2008)    
A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing274.22272.79274.22256.78
B - Mining and quarrying185.87185.07185.87184.09
C - Manufacturing13,504.8113,417.8213,504.8113,624.88
D - Electricity, gas steam and air conditioning supply1,955.712,027.731,955.711,967.19
E - Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation action1,401.261,387.291,401.261,405.69
F - Construction5,031.654,871.035,031.655,218.24
G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles7,058.557,002.447,058.557,156.72
H - Transportation and storage2,790.952,798.592,790.953,022.92
I - Accommodation and food service activities1,544.441,515.591,544.441,577.38
J - Information and communication802.98846.00802.98801.04
K - Financial and insurance activities70,330.6861,883.7270,330.6865,627.19
L - Real estate activities17,945.8818,144.9417,945.8818,284.01
M - Professional, scientific and technical activities13,074.3113,172.8013,074.3113,219.20
N - Administrative and support service activities3,229.183,332.723,229.183,459.59
O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security16,533.0315,894.1016,533.0316,592.31
P - Educationxxxx
Q - Human health and social work acitivies1,948.761,942.191,948.761,912.11
R - Art, entertainment and recreation364.49370.70364.49354.51
S - Other service activities487.81501.82487.81407.24
T - Activities of households10,299.349,980.6510,299.3410,480.56
U - Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodiesxxxx
GCR - Other domestic debtors (not classified according to ÖNACE 2008)181.42190.43181.42178.70
GCR - Debtors resident in euro area countries excluding Austria50,854.9851,545.5650,854.9856,649.85
GCR - Other nonresident debtors36,568.7038,577.8836,568.7037,404.80
"Delta report (vis-à-vis GCR)" according to FinStab – legal entities3885.64790.92885.64922.65
"Delta report (vis-à-vis GCR)" according to FinStab – natural persons41,007.3140,769.0441,007.3142,690.57
Total instruments subject to credit risk298,355.30291,517.28298,355.30303,489.78

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