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Instruments subject to credit risk in accordance with GCR1 and FinStab2
Joint stock and private banks
 2019Q2 19Q3 19Q4 19
  EUR million
GCR - Domestic debtors according to Austrian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (ÖNACE 2008)    
A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing255.01242.81251.46255.01
B - Mining and quarrying185.68282.89284.29185.68
C - Manufacturing13,053.9312,659.9812,770.0613,053.93
D - Electricity, gas steam and air conditioning supply1,783.832,051.791,950.821,783.83
E - Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation action1,537.601,514.821,493.781,537.60
F - Construction4,866.774,790.374,857.194,866.77
G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles6,914.046,851.286,931.276,914.04
H - Transportation and storage2,618.862,586.672,579.922,618.86
I - Accommodation and food service activities1,392.541,361.651,376.841,392.54
J - Information and communication679.83624.03643.25679.83
K - Financial and insurance activities43,749.3539,873.6940,283.3643,749.35
L - Real estate activities18,683.1518,968.7418,789.5918,683.15
M - Professional, scientific and technical activities12,537.7611,987.7712,338.8612,537.76
N - Administrative and support service activities3,127.893,035.783,062.123,127.89
O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security17,502.3717,611.8617,712.5717,502.37
P - Educationxxxx
Q - Human health and social work acitivies1,778.211,862.911,803.921,778.21
R - Art, entertainment and recreation368.82417.38381.85368.82
S - Other service activities415.24449.60427.88415.24
T - Activities of households9,874.319,368.389,687.579,874.31
U - Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodiesxxxx
GCR - Other domestic debtors (not classified according to ÖNACE 2008)291.04295.47296.29291.04
GCR - Debtors resident in euro area countries excluding Austria50,632.3649,310.3350,701.7650,632.36
GCR - Other nonresident debtors37,901.6341,413.6639,269.6537,901.63
"Delta report (vis-à-vis GCR)" according to FinStab – legal entities3960.79882.46878.49960.79
"Delta report (vis-à-vis GCR)" according to FinStab – natural persons41,740.8941,476.3541,465.6941,740.89
Total instruments subject to credit risk272,941.70270,015.85270,335.39272,941.70

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