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Loans subject to the regulation governing reporting to the Central Credit Register (CCR) – Austrian Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (ÖNACE 2008)
CCR-reportable loans - state mortgage banks
 20172018Q3 18Q4 18Q1 19
  EUR million
Agriculture, forestry and fishing1118181818
Mining and quarrying2024182425
Electricity, gas, steam supply; water supply; sewerage, waste management330302308302296
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles602663604663653
Accommodation and food service activities762781764781775
Transportation and storage483492462492476
Information and communication3228312830
Real estate activities8,2639,1839,0059,1839,358
Activities of head offices883920993920882
Economic services290313335313310
Education; human health and social work activities147158110158128
Other (economic) services10310110210191
Borrowers with joint and several liability1,0821,2461,2131,2461,280
Enterprises total (excluding sole proprietorships)14,82716,30315,97216,30316,227
Other domestic borrowers1,7551,8291,8181,8291,825
Public sector6,6716,0416,1926,0415,784
Financial and insurance activities7,7158,0677,6898,0677,804
Other nonresident borrowers13,1403,4413,2743,4413,507
Euro area countries except Austria6,8786,7616,7806,7616,932

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