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Payment Systems Operators – Delayed Debit and Credit Cards with a Payment or Cash Function1
Number of cards and their use in Austria and abroad
End of period201920202021Q3 21Q4 21Q1 22Q2 22
Number of delayed debit
and credit cards issued, million
  Credit or delayed debit function3.643.693.653.653.653.393.48
  of which: with a Cash function2.412.422.502.482.503.323.40
Number of transactions, million       
  Credit or delayed debit function (payments initiated electronically)227.16218.73233.2460.0463.9856.5763.33
  Cash function (withdrawals)5.083.323.020.880.790.740.90
Value in EUR, million       
  Credit or delayed debit function (paid value initiated electronically)17,551.5914,825.6116,249.324,473.244,691.084,173.784,943.22
  Cash function (withdrawn value)970.77672.42616.28176.28164.68153.32178.48
Average value per transaction, EUR       
  Credit or delayed debit function (paid value initiated electronically)77686975737478
  Cash function (withdrawn value)191203205199208207199

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