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Consumer confidence1
 202020212022Aug. 22Sep. 22Oct. 22Nov. 22Dec. 22Jan. 23
  Balance of opinions
Financial situation of households
  over the past 12 months−3−7−26−34−33−33−34−38−31
  over the next 12 months15−29−39−40−39−33−34−23
General economic situation         
  over the past 12 months−55−60−53−57−63−58−61−60−55
  over the next 12 months−254−47−59−64−62−58−50−38
Price trends         
  over the past 12 months−72−84−96−96−95−96−95−96−96
  over the next 12 months −70−81−89−88−89−91−88−85−83
Unemployment likely to rise         
  over the next 12 months−313−22−24−39−41−33−27−12
Now is the right moment
to make major purchases
Major purchases planned          
  for the next 12 months −18−15−31−37−36−36−35−41−39
  now is a good time to save242429324239394440
  intentions to save money over
  the next 12 months
Current financial situation
of households

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