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IV. Memorandum items
 May 20June 20May 20June 20May 20June 20
  EUR million
(a) short-term domestic currency debt indexed to the exchange ratexxxxxx
(b) financial instruments denominated in foreign currency and settled
by other means (e.g., in domestic currency)
  - derivatives (forward, futures, or options contracts)xxxxxx
    (i) short positionsxxxxxx
    (ii) long positionsxxxxxx
  - other instrumentsxxxxxx
(c) pledged assetsxxxxxx
  - included in reserve assetsxxxxxx
  - included in other foreign currency assetsxxxxxx
(d) securities lent and on repo00xx00
  - lent or repoed and included in Section I00xx00
  - lent or repoed but not included in Section Ixxxxxx
  - borrowed or acquired and included in Section Ixxxxxx
  - borrowed or acquired but not included in Section I00xx00
(e) financial derivative assets (net, marked to market)63−18123149186131
  - forwards−10−9xx−10−9
  - futuresxxxxxx
  - swaps73−9123149196140
  - optionsxxxxxx
  - otherxxxxxx
(f) derivatives (forward, futures, or options contracts) that have a residual maturity greater than one year.xxxxxx
  - aggregate short and long positions in forwards and futures in foreign currencies
  vis-à-vis the domestic currency (including the forward leg of currency swaps)
    (a) short positions (-)xxxxxx
    (b) long positions (+)xxxxxx
  - aggregate short and long positions of options in foreign currencies vis-à-vis the domestic currencyxxxxxx
(a) short positionsxxxxxx
  (i) bought putsxxxxxx
  (ii) written callsxxxxxx
(b) long positionsxxxxxx
  (i) bought callsxxxxxx
  (ii) written putsxxxxxx
currency composition of reserves by groups of currencies:24,13924,360xx24,13924,360
  - currencies in SDR basket21,23321,482xx21,23321,482
  - currencies not in SDR basket2,9062,879xx2,9062,879

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