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Weights on lending rates1 - new business
 201720182019Nov. 19Dec. 19Jan. 20Feb. 20Mar. 20Apr. 20
  EUR million
new agreement of loans1         
to households23         
for consumption         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year4287284283231215280260269220
for house purchases         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year41,2181,0201,1101,1191,2341,2591,1531,7111,694
    over 1 year and up to 5 years277351303226242263253318368
for other purposes8798909348371,1219099511,9541,702
    sole proprietors5445636035306915846441,5481,297
to nonfinancial corporations23         
Loans up to and including EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year49558539148281,0298256821,4861,427
with initial maturity over 1 year8768368948219748926871,6351,730
Loans over EUR 1 million         
with initial rate fixation         
    up to 1 year46,1796,1307,3047,5678,5407,1425,0908,7637,141
with initial maturity over 1 year4,3134,4364,9625,1767,1925,7233,5996,9376,114
to households and
nonfinancial corporations
    loans denominated in Swiss francs163102855512310761120101

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