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Insurance corporations - assets - selected transactional changes
 Q4 17Q1 18Q2 18Q3 18Q4 18Q1 19
  EUR million
Debt securities211−535178314−741846
Listed shares26−2−161236149
    Euro area−1−3−273−8
    Rest of the world01010−10
Investment funds shares/units (excl. money market funds)339375111164−406585
    Euro area52131−392756434
    Rest of the world−10−1−7−26130
    Equity funds−14572−14−139−33652
    Bond funds329−20913−316683
    Mixed funds215282103271−17217
    Real estate funds210151522
    Hedge funds0−320211
    Other funds−81234105426399
Money market funds shares/unit−22−6−1622−3

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last update on 13.06.2019 17:40

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