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Divisional Coins in Circulation
Euro coins issued directly by the OeNB and Münze Österreich adjusted for withdrawals by the OeNB
 201220132014Dec. 18Jan. 19Feb. 19Mar. 19Apr. 19May 19
  EUR million
Gold coins1489556606808808811812813814
Silver coins1189215227264265265266266267
Platin coins1xxx667777
Non-ferrous coins151014282828293030
Base metal coins21,2611,3271,3911,6501,6411,6491,6581,6681,678
2 euro553594641802798803808813818
1 euro367376374406403404405407408
50 cent99103107126125125126128129
20 cent919597118118118119120121
10 cent717479919191919292
5 cent373942484848484848
2 cent272931363636373737
1 cent161820232323232324

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