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Divisional Coins in Circulation
Euro coins issued directly by the OeNB and Münze Österreich adjusted for withdrawals by the OeNB
 201720182019May 20June 20July 20Aug. 20Sep. 20Oct. 20
  EUR million
Gold coins1770808830873874878882888888
Silver coins1257264273279280281282283284
Platin coins1568999101010
Non-ferrous coins1242831323332323333
Base metal coins21,5941,6501,7051,7201,7291,7381,7421,7441,745
2 euro770802836846849852853851852
1 euro399406411410414416418419418
50 cent120126132133134135136137137
20 cent113118123126126127128128129
10 cent899193939494959595
5 cent474849494949494950
2 cent353638393939393939
1 cent222324242525252525

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