Press Release


Higher Capitalization of Banks Necessary

Presentation of the 28th Financial Stability Report.

Press Release


Growth Remains Weak in 2015

The OeNB’s Economic Outlook for Austria for the Period from 2014 to 2016.



Historical monetary and economic statistics

For Southeastern Europe and Austria-Hungary for the first time available in a systematic form.



Launch of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)

How does the SSM work? Learn more.


  • Financial Stability Report 28

    Financial Stability Report 28

    The OeNB’s biannual Financial Stability Report provides regular analyses of Austrian and international developments with an impact on financial stability. In addition, it includes studies offering in-depth insights into specific topics related to financial stability. Read more:

  • Economics Conference 2014

    Economics Conference 2014

    The Economics Conference hosted by the OeNB is an international platform for exchanging views on monetary and economic policy as well as financial market issues. It convenes central bank representatives, economic policy decision makers, financial market players, academics and researchers. Read more:

  • Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/14

    Focus on European Economic Integration Q4/14

    This publication presents economic analyses and outlooks as well as analytical studies on macroeconomic and macrofinancial issues with a regional focus on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Read more:



New Rotating Principle

ECB’s voting modalities change.