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Carl Menger Prize

Carl Menger Prize awarded

Hélène Rey receives prize for research on monetary policy in the crisis



New Rotating Principle

ECB’s voting modalities change.

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Presentation of the 27th Financial Stability Report

Challenges to the Austrian Financial System Persist.

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Economics Conference

Moderate Upswing amid High Uncertainty

The OeNB’s Economic Outlook for Austria.


  • Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/14

    Focus on European Economic Integration Q3/14

    This publication presents economic analyses and outlooks as well as analytical studies on macroeconomic and macrofinancial issues with a regional focus on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Read more:

  • Working Paper 195

    Working Paper 195

    The Working Paper series of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank is designed to disseminate and to provide a platform for discussion of either work of the staff of the OeNB economists or outside contributors on topics which are of special interest to the OeNB. To ensure the high quality of their content, the contributions are subjected to an international refereeing process. Read more:

  • Monetary Policy and the Economy Q2/14

    Monetary Policy and the Economy Q2/14

    Monetary Policy & the Economy provides analyses and studies on central banking and economic policy topics and is published at quarterly intervals. Read more: