Financial Stability Report 16

Financial Stability Report 16

December 2008.

Opinions expressed by the authors of studies do not necessarily reflect the official viewpoint of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank or of the Eurosystem.

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    Studies and Analyses

    • Difficult Environment for Austria’s Financial System (PDF, 77 kB)

    • Financial Crisis Increases Risk of Recession (PDF, 289 kB)

    • Financial Crisis Affects Real Economy Sectors (PDF, 236 kB)

    • Continued Financial Turmoil Clouds Outlook for Austrian Financial Intermediaries (PDF, 386 kB)

    • The Refinancing Structure of Banks in Selected CESEE Countries (PDF, 335 kB) Walko.

    • ICAAP Implementation in Austria’s Major Banks (PDF, 196 kB) Woschnagg.

    • The Austrian Carry Trade: What Are the Characteristics of Households Borrowing in Foreign Currency? (PDF, 637 kB) Beer, Ongena, Peter.

    • An Analysis of Credit to the Household Sector in Austria (PDF, 305 kB) Fritzer, Reiss.

    • Corporate Governance and Credit Institutions (PDF, 183 kB) Sauerzopf.

    • Annex of Tables (PDF, 151 kB)

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