Current funding structure of the OeNB Anniversary Fund

Please note that the Anniversary Fund provides English translations of the materials it publishes on the OeNB website for information only. In case of discrepancies, the German original will prevail. To get the complete picture, therefore please also refer to the German content.

In 2019, the Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) initiated a strategy process to redefine its funding structure. This process was based on the recommendations of the Austrian Court of Audit regarding the distribution of grants and took into account existing external and internal framework conditions. In the future, the strategic focus will be on promoting basic research projects aimed at advancing the state of research on central banking topics, with a special emphasis on selected focus areas.

Unlike in the past, the relevance of the research project for the OeNB’s core topics is no longer based on the allocation of the project to a specific scientific discipline but on its allocation to one of 19 research clusters. These research clusters were derived from the OeNB’s strategy and mission statement and reflect the OeNB’s research priorities.

Current cross-cluster focus areas

The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic presents the biggest challenge in recent history – also from an economic point of view. The economic fallout caused by measures to contain the COVID-19 crisis is highly unpredictable. Science has a key role to play in shaping the different dimensions of crisis management.

The OeNB Anniversary Fund therefore invites researchers from all disciplines to submit project proposals in one of the 19 research clusters, addressing, in particular, the current COVID-19 pandemic. In their project proposals, applicants may, on the one hand, formulate and investigate basic research questions on the topic of pandemics with a view to producing universally applicable scientific findings and deriving recommendations for future courses of action. On the other hand, applicants may submit proposals aimed at collecting and organizing data on the COVID-19 pandemic and at assessing economic policy responses and their implications.

Applicants may also submit proposals beyond the above-mentioned focus areas for any of the 19 research clusters listed hereThe clusters will soon be available here in English.

Total funding for project proposals submitted to the OeNB Anniversary Fund is limited to EUR 250,000. The minimum funding amount is EUR 50,000.

For more information about funding and the prerequisites for funding, see Downloads.
For more information about the submission periods and other deadlines, see Schedule.

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