The OeNB Euro Survey is a regular survey of individuals in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. Data collection is carried out by opinion poll institutes in the Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European countries and centrally coordinated in Austria. The sample is obtained through face-to-face interviews, conducted either as computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPIs) or much less frequently as paper-and-pencil interviews (PAPIs). In each survey wave, approximately 1,000 individuals (citizens of the respective country, aged 18 years and older) are interviewed per country. The sample selection is based on a multi-stage stratified random sample with random route sampling. Also personal characteristics of the interviewers are collected, including gender, age, education, employment status, and experience. Fieldwork monitoring includes logical consistency checks, telephone callbacks, and verification of interviews through personal visits. Post-stratification weights are applied to correct for sample effects. Data consistency checks and processing procedures include verification of socio-demographic data, logical consistency checks, and outlier detection. For more details see the download-file below.

OeNB Euro Survey – Methodology (PDF, 0.8 MB)