The OeNB is a stock corporation under the Federal Act on the Oesterreichische Nationalbank 1984 (Nationalbank Act). Given its status as a central bank, it is governed by a range of special provisions set out in the Nationalbank Act. The capital of the OeNB is EUR 12 million and is held by a sole shareholder, the federal government (Article 9 Nationalbank Act). The shareholder rights of the federal government are exercised by the Federal Minister of Finance.

In carrying out its tasks, the OeNB is fully independent and not bound by any instructions. This principle applies to the entire Eurosystem – the ECB and all national central banks of the euro area – and is enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The Governing Board is responsible for the overall running of the OeNB, the General Council for its supervision. The OeNB applies the guiding principles “stability and security” to all its activities.