Data sharing

Access to OeNB Euro Survey data

Formal requirement: signing the terms of use

Sharing OeNB Euro Survey data for external research projects is subject to specific conditions and follows a well-established procedure.

  • First, you must sign a confidentiality agreement (terms of use). These terms of use list the specific conditions and restrictions under which the OeNB grants access to OeNB Euro Survey data.
  • To obtain the terms of use, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and briefly explain why you are interested in obtaining access to OeNB Euro Survey data. You will then receive an e-mail with the terms of use attached, to be signed and returned to the OeNB.

Selection process following submission of signed terms of use

  • The OeNB will send you the standard OeNB Euro Survey questionnaire to give you an overview of the available data and to help you select a set of variables.
  • Moreover, the OeNB will ask you to submit a completed form providing
    • an outline of the planned research project for which the OeNB Euro Survey data will be used,
    • a list of the research questions to be analyzed,
    • a tentative time schedule and
    • a list of required variables.
  • The OeNB will evaluate the research project proposal and the list of variables submitted.
  • If the OeNB approves the research project and the list of variables, it will provide a customized dataset in STATA format.

Further information

Most OeNB Euro Survey data may be shared for external research projects, and data from all survey waves except the most recent wave can be made available. Data from the penultimate wave are made available upon request once the data quality check of the most recent wave is finalized (usually from May onward, i.e. wave 2018 is available from May 2020 onward). A few data series are not available because of ongoing in-house research projects or for reasons of confidentiality.

Research cooperation

In addition to providing data for external research projects, the OeNB is also open to research cooperation between in-house economists and external researchers in research projects of mutual interest, provided that the OeNB has sufficient in-house capacities to join such common research efforts.