Please note that the Anniversary Fund provides English translations of the materials it publishes on the OeNB website for information only. In case of discrepancies, the German original will prevail. To get the complete picture, therefore please also refer to the German content.

New guidance (as of February 1, 2017)

Guidance for funding applications (PDF, 0.3 MB)

Information leaflet global budgeting (PDF, 0.2 MB)

Reviewer guidance (PDF, 0.2 MB)

Scientific review – proposal number – surname (reviewer) (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Guidance: conflicts of interest in the peer review process (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Guidance and information (valid for approved fundings until 2016)

Instructions for handling research projects for which funding has been approved (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Instructions for requesting and invoicing funding for university research projects (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Instructions for requesting and invoicing funding for nonuniversity research projects (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Cost schedule (PDF, 1.7 MB)
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Personnel cost schedule (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Information on medical science applications

Executive summary – NIH Director’s Panel on Clinical Research Report 12/97 (PDF, 0.2 MB)