IN GOD WE TRUST. Divine money

A special exhibition of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank’s Money Museum
from August 1, 2023

Money and the divine may seem like an improbable match, but in the history of money, they have gone very well together.

Religious features have been embellishing means of payment since time immemorial. Religious symbolism on coins and banknotes has been widespread across cultures, as has the portrayal of deities. And means of payment have been playing an important role in religious rituals.

With our exhibition, we take visitors on a journey through time and across borders: selected artifacts from the Money Museum’s collections showcase what has made means of payment divine. Visitors also learn about sacrificial offerings and grave goods ranging from cocoa beans to Asian hell money.

Left: Athena, Juno and Apollo. Source: OeNB/Eleonore Grundner. Rigth: Half Scudo.