Financial institutions

In this section we provide information on the business structure, financial assets and liabilities, profitability, regulatory capital requirements and liquidity of Austrian credit institutions (including fully consolidated foreign subsidiaries). Furthermore, we provide balance sheet information on Austrian mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies; data on severance funds as well as building and loan associations.

In addition, we provide data on instruments subject to credit risk in accordance with granular credit data reporting (GCR) provisions and the FinStab 2018 reporting regulation. The debtor side is broken down into domestic and nondomestic debtors. Domestic debtors are presented in line with the Austrian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (ÖNACE 2008). Nondomestic debtors are presented at the level of other country-specific aggregates (e.g. debtors resident in euro area countries excluding Austria, other nonresident debtors). By contrast, the creditor side is broken down by reporting banking sectors.