Funding applications

Please note that the Anniversary Fund provides English translations of the materials it publishes on the OeNB website for information only. In case of discrepancies, the German original will prevail. To get the complete picture, therefore please also refer to the German content.

Directions for submitting funding applications to the OeNB Anniversary Fund

Further information for submitting funding applications can be found on the German version of this website from mid-January 2019.

Submission of a funding application - Antragstellung (in German only)

1. Basic prerequisites

  1. The applicant must have completed a doctoral program (PhD) before submitting a funding application
  2. The research center must be a public-benefit, nonprofit research institution headquartered in Austria
  3. Research work is carried out (mainly) in Austria
  4. Research projects must not be commercial or profit oriented
  5. Medical science: Research projects must deal with disease-oriented or patient-oriented clinical research (see NIH definition)
    a. Animal testing is forbidden (see § 2 Z 1 Animal Experiments Act 2012)
    b. All application documents must be submitted completely in English
    c. If your funding application has been approved, we expect to receive the final positive ethics committee opinion/clearance by the start of the project (at the latest).
  6. All required documents must be submitted in time; the documents must be complete and must comply with the submission principles
    a. In time: Submission deadline (see Schedule) and creation of user accounts 7 days before the submission deadline
    b. Complete and proper: see submission guideline

You will find a list of all documents required for submission and the detailed application requirements under downloads.

Funding may not be used to pay:

  1. Overheads
  2. Office hardware costs (e.g. for laptops, printers, computers)
  3. Publication costs of master’s, doctoral or habilitation theses,
  4. Congress or conference costs (except to present project results)
  5. Workshop
  6. Rents
  7. Training or seminar costs
  8. Any costs arising from the early termination of employment

Primarily, funds granted by the OeNB Anniversary Fund are used to pay the personnel costs of young researchers.

2. Submission guideline

Applicants must enter the following data into the online template:

  • The project management contact data, the designation of the research institution and the name of the responsible contact person (if available)
  • Project team (as already known)
  • A scientific project title
  • A short nonscientific title
  • Project description (German and English)
    • Priority of the research topic
    • Content of the research project
    • Applied research methods
    • 5 relevant publications of the project team with reference to the funding application
  • Research area
  • Project duration (no longer than four years)
  • Keywords
  • Project cost breakdown and other funding by third parties
  • No more than 3 (international) reviewers including contact data, with whom bias cannot be excluded (negative list)

In addition please submit an Exposé:

  • No restrictions/specifications regarding the layout
  • Upload in *.pdf format
  • German or English (for medical research projects English is mandatory)
  • Length (mandatory)
    • At least 15 pages
    • At the most 25 pages
  • The Exposé must include:
    • Current state of research
    • Aim of own research (research interest)
    • Description of the planned methodology
    • Work, time and finance plan
    • Publication list of the entire project team (relevant excerpts for the application)
    • Short description of the research Institution

If applicable, following documents need to be submitted:

  • Documents required of associations (documents must be up to date):
    • Association charter
    • List of board members
    • Extract from the registry of associations
  • Documents required of nonprofit organizations (documents must be up to date):
    • Articles of Association
    • Extract from the company register

If granted following documents are further required:

  • More than one bid for outsourced work, equipment purchases, material costs and public opinion polling services for items costing from EUR 10,000,– (incl. VAT). The bids must be valid on the date of the decision Meeting.

If work is outsourced, the applicant institution must nevertheless clearly remain the main research Institution.

  • Documents required for medical research projects:
    • At any rate, please upload information on the status of the ethics committee review. Should you not as yet have received an opinion, or clearance, from the ethics committee, please generate a separate PDF document that reflects the review status. It is also possible to upload an empty PDF document entitled “Application to ethics committee has yet to be made.” An opinion, or clearance, from the ethics committee will have to be available (at the latest) once your research project is due to begin.
  • Documents required for partial financing by OeNB Anniversary Fund grants:
    • Commitments of the cofinancing institutions (if available; otherwise, these documents must be delivered later)

Once you have completed your submission, you will receive a confirmation of the application by email. Please keep the PDF document attached to this email in evidence for documentation purposes.

Pursuant to the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we herewith notify you that the personal data and documents provided will be computer processed. To this end, the OeNB as the contractor has registered a data application to administer research promotion projects in the Austrian Data Processing Register under the number DVR: 0031577.