Brussels Representative Office

The Brussels Representative Office is the OeNB’s hub for collecting and processing information from the EU relevant to the OeNB. In addition, it represents the OeNB in business relations with the central banks of other EU Member States and maintains contacts to other key representative offices.

Tasks of the Brussels Representative Office

Collecting, processing and communicating information
The information collected and prepared by the Brussels Representative Office feeds into the OeNB’s work related to Economic and Monetary Union. The Brussels Representative Office also answers specific queries from the OeNB head office and acts as a point of contact, in particular for OeNB staff, in Brussels.

Communications activities
The team of the Brussels Representative Office regularly holds lectures in Brussels and Austria. Furthermore, it organizes various events, such as meetings and panel discussions, and maintains a network with other central banks. Organizing and participating in these events helps ensure that the OeNB is always well-informed about relevant topics.

The Brussels Representative Office offers OeNB staff and employees of other central banks the opportunity to participate in a trainee program and to support the OeNB’s activities in Brussels.

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    • Oesterreichische Nationalbank - Brussels Representative Office
      Avenue de Cortenbergh 30
      1040 Brussels
      Phone: (+32-2) 285 48-41
      Fax: (+32-2) 285 48-48

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